cocos2d-x (iphone-android)/IDE installation and setup under mac os

I’m recenly doing some research on mobile multi-platform game framework and since I’ve been playint with the cocos2d engie for a bit of time I think the cocos2d-x might be a great choice so planned to build the enviroment for both iphone and android under macos.

The whole process is far more tough than I ever thought(not to mention I am using a Hackintosh without internet connection). But, I finally get it done, so I’d like to write all the stuffs down and share it with all those who wanna do the same thing…

Here goes the process:
1.Install the leopard (I got a version of 10.6.5)

2.Install the XCode (I used the 3.2.5 since I don’t like the 4.0 for some reasons)

3.Install for iphone dev(I am using the latest version cocos2d-1.0.0-x-0.9.0)

You can get it here:

3.1 Follow the tutorial here:

In one word, just run “sudo ./” and that’s all 🙂

4.Install for android dev (this is the toughest part)

4.1 Make sure you have JDK installed

You can input the “java -version” in your terminal to check

4.2 Make sure you have Ant installed (it’s better to use the version higher than 1.8.0)

You can input the “ant -version” in your terminal to check

4.3 Install Eclipse

I used the helios version (eclipse-jee-helios-SR1-macosx-cocoa) since it contains some nesscenary plugins (I tried to use the eclipse-SDK-3.7-macosx-cocoa at first but got some problems that’s hard to solve for me)

4.4 Install the ADT plugin

You can follow the instruction here:

4.5 Install the Android SDK

If you got a internet connection than you can just follow this instruction:

But, if you got no internet connection and have to work offline just like me then that’s much more complex:

4.5.1 Download all the neccenary packages

Here is a good instruction to follow:


4.5.2 Unpack the packages to the right position

4.5.3 Create && run the emulator

4.6 Install the Andriod NDK (I am using the NDK r5)

You can get it here:

Follow the instruction here:

4.7 Build && Run the Test demo

Follow the instruction here:

4.8 Merging the Android project into the iPhone project

Follow the instruction here:

And then the whole job is done 🙂

I’ll continue to share some stuffs during the learning of working with both cocos2d-x iPhone and android… so Stay tuned 🙂


My Hackintosh broke up recently and I re-installed the Mac OS and took a video along the way when I do all the stuffs above again.(My audio driver is still not working so I can not record the sound while recording…)

Here’s the video:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Video and Source code:
To Download Page…

This is the first time I made a video so there might be some flaw. (hope you don’t mind 🙂


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