A busy March…

An “idp-renew” mail remind me that my idp expiration is only 5 days away~ Then I loggin to my blog and found that I did not write anything the whole March(until this blog)~

This March has been extremely busy for me~ It’s the almost the “for loop” of “get-up ~ go-to-work ~ work-overtime ~ get-back ~ get-sleep”~

This weekend the whole went to tomb-sweeping so I finally got something to sufure on the Internet~ and I found that there’s a cocos2dx Devcon will be held in Beijing at the end of this month and was planning to attend the meeting until I found 31st won’t be free because holiday off duty shift~ what a pity 🙁

And I also found that CocoaChina is holding a game special effect competition for celebrating their 4th anniversary so I downloaded the latest version and created a simple demo containing 3 effects which are all not 100% original created from scratch by me (some effects are the cocos2dx version made from the cocos2d version I posted before like spot light effect and black hole effect)

Screen shot:


YouTube Preview Image

cocos2dx 1st anniversary ~ cocoachina 4th anniversary and what’s more it is also the 1st anniversary for my own blog (what a coincidence)

I wish that the develop progress of cocos2d will be ever smoother and it will grow into a great game engine ever ~
I wish that cocoachina will be ever better and ever more popular ~
And last, I wish you will support me and this blog as you always did 🙂

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