Something about porting a game from cocos2d-iphone(ios-objc) to cocos2d-html5(web-javascript) for a newbie. Part.0

It’s not a tutorial ~

I nearly completed porting one of my old ios game (about 1 year ago) to the web using cocos2d-html5(80%).

Some words about this game — It’s a simple board(card) game which use the PaiGow (Chinese tranditional card).

And there is a special way of playing with PaiGow that seldom pepole know and even few infomation can be found on the internet.

My grandma taught me all the rules of playing this game when I was a child and she still keeps playing this everyday.
And it’s her 80th birthday this year so this game is alos a special present for her πŸ™‚

.Porting process:
The game itself is quite simple but porting it to web using js really brought me a lot of troubles all along the way and I also used the latest cocosbuilder which supports both cocos2d-html5 and cocos2d-iphone to remake all the scenes and I also remade all the artwork.

.What to share:
What I want to share is almost at the web side (I mean the cocos2d-html5 + js).

All the stuffs are quite fundmental which a js vertan maight not give a dame but for those js newbies like me who also want to
port their game to the web I think that’s all worth reading.

All the stuffs have driven me nuts and had me baidu, google, yahoo or stackoverflow all the time before I finally got the answer.

Like I said I’ve never leant or used js before so there might be some error in the post (don’t blame me) and I will also write something that I’m still confused down (if you can, please share your answer with me).

Well, enough said, here’s what I plan to share:
1. Troubleshooting for using cocosbuilder to deal with cocos2d-iphone and cocos2d-html5
2, Knowhow on using cocosbuilder to deal with cocos2d-iphone and cocos2d-html5
3. Knowhow and tips on cocos2dbuilder+javascript
4. How to port all that basic stuffs in cocos2d-iphone to cocos2d-html5
5. Timer and perform with delay in cocos2d-html5
6. Delegate in cocos2d-html5
7. Using Chrome+Nodepad(win) to debug your game when you have no IDE at hand
8. Using Textastic + firebug to edit, run and even debug the cocos2d-html5 game on ipad
9. Leaderboard in cocos2d-html5 using Parse(save, load, query …)
10. Using twitter-web intent function to share your game score in cocos2d-html5
11. Using facebook-dialog function to share your game score in cocos2d-html5
12. Using SinaWeibo-publisher function to share your game score in cocos2d-html5 cocos2d-html5
13. Using ant to compile the game
14. Embed the game into a wordpress post
15. Publish the game to facebook (heroku for hosting)
16. Publish the game to SinaWeibo (SinaAppEngie for hosting)

And the last but not the least, I’ll opensouce EVERYTHING: the code, the music, the artwork……

I’ll write down all the things listed above little by little in the near future. Since I’m doing this in my spare time so please forgive me for being slow updating πŸ™‚

If you feel all the stuffs in this site helped you a lot and you can get a game I made πŸ™‚