CCCalendar-HTML5 version

I was looking for a nice and simple calendar solution in cocos2d-html5 for my recent project ~ I tried to use some jquery calendar plugin — they are beautiful and well-implemented but the one thing that I don’t like is that you can not play it in a cocos2d-way. So I decided to make a calendar in a cocos2d-way and here it is.

It’s simply a layer and you can use it like this:

// args: delegate, yearRangeStart, yearRangeEnd, nowDateString
var calendarLayer = CalendarLayer.createCalendar(this, 2010, 2013, “2013-5-5”);

and that’s it. Then you can play all the tricks you do on an ccnode say actions.

And you can customize the calendar by simply change the propery in the CalendarConfig.js file
(change image and fontsize, name ,color …) and the calendar will place all the elements on the right spot (you have to make sure the image you provided is well fit thought)

I dont’t know if I can using js binding with it since I haven’t tried and if you tried this please drop me an message 🙂

To Download Page…

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