The days in Japan …

I found some old pictures I took the last I went to Japan today while looking for data in my old computer ……

The first night in 3C

The next we move to the apartment that we stayed in for two month

two man apartment

The firework festval

The we went to ASAKUSA


And disney land

The last month we moved to a small town called TSUKUIHAMA which is surrounded by hill and sea

The apartment is small but I got a kitchen πŸ™‚

Sleep upstairs

Cooking in weekend is fun πŸ™‚

And then waling along the sea side

Testing building in YRP

The second time to japan after about one year and this time I only stayed one month and it was so busy that there was no time to play around. But, right before we came back to China the boss took as a drive to MOTOHAKONE πŸ™‚

Now two yeas has gone by and I really hope I can go again this year ~ I would like to buy a lot of books and comedy DVDs and wander around in small towns to feel the culture … and of course SUSHI πŸ™‚