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Something about porting a game from cocos2d-iphone(ios-objc) to cocos2d-html5(web-javascript) for a newbie. Part.0

It’s not a tutorial ~

I nearly completed porting one of my old ios game (about 1 year ago) to the web using cocos2d-html5(80%).

Some words about this game — It’s a simple board(card) game which use the PaiGow (Chinese tranditional card).

[Share] CCSlidingLayer Demo (An improved Scroll layer)

I shared a “Scroll layer demo” serval month ago which only supports horizontal mode : Check here

And here is a improved version which has the following features:

1. You can specify the size of the scroll layer
2. You can specify the container rect in which the scroll layer will be
3. You can add multiple scroll layers in the same scene at the same time and they will response to the touch event separately
4. The scroll layer supports vertical and horizontal mode

Screen shot:

To Download Page…

If you feel all the stuffs in this site helped you a lot and you can get a game I made 🙂


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Run actions with different targets in sequence

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