Introducing CocosNewsCenter — A news center for cocos2d lover

I’m a big fan of the great cocos2d family, I have played with lots of branches such as -iphone, -x, -html5 and the earlier version -python, -javascript and I am curious about all the new stuffs happen in cocos2d community:

A heated discussion from the forum today ?
An instructive new tutorial on a blog today ?
A time-saving code snippet someone shared today ?
A full-featured game went opensource on github today ?

So, I love to search these stuffs on the Internet and it always bring me joy when I spot something interesting.

But, the cocos2d family is growing in an astonished pace and it just cost me way too much time to do the search job everyday.

Fortunately I happen to learned cocos2d-tml5 recently and I also know some basics of python so I think it will be a good challenge to create a web application to solve the problem — and here comes the CocosNewsCenter.

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COCOS2d-X by Example Beginner’s Guide

A nice guide book for cocos2d-x developer from Roger Engelbert !!!

You can learn all the things that you need to develop your own game with the most famous nowadays from this book ~

If you are a cocos2d-iphone developer and want to learn something about the cocos2d-x then this book is perfect to you since it compares the concept in cocos2d-x with cocos2d-iphone so that you can learn the new things faster.

The book not only includes lots of games with different types but also introduces how to develop a game for android with eclipse ~

If you feel interested in this book you can check it here:
Check on packtpub…

CCCalendar-HTML5 version

I was looking for a nice and simple calendar solution in cocos2d-html5 for my recent project ~ I tried to use some jquery calendar plugin — they are beautiful and well-implemented but the one thing that I don’t like is that you can not play it in a cocos2d-way. So I decided to make a calendar in a cocos2d-way and here it is.

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A trip from cocos2d-iphone to cocos2d-html5

With the help of the 3-day-break during Tomb-sweeping Day I finally finished this trip and reached the destination.

Frankly speaking I was only planning to write a short post about this trip at the beginning but when I get started I found there are way too much that I want to write down the I planned.

Then I happened to come across a wonderful tutorial from Ray wenderlich introducing how to create a book usign iBooks author and asked myself — why not? — and then this book was here 🙂
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