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CocosCLILayer-HTML5 On Github

A inner command line layer for coocs2d project.


[Share] SpiderMonkey Cocos2dx Demo

I’ve been playing with SpiderMonkey and JSBinding recently and here is a project containing what I’ve learned:

. How to use SpiderMonkey and JSBinding to mix cocos2d-x with JS scripts
. How to call functions between c++/JS
. How to pass args / receive args
. How to use custom functions
. How to play with delegate


[Keynote] cocos2d-html5 + JS Binding

The keynote is speech I gave at cocoachina gathering in Shanghai this weekend. The sample codes will be updated in this post later. Download

The content is all about what I’ve leant in the past week on cocos2d JS Binding.

I’ve been summarizing all the content and trying to write a simple guide using iBookAuthor — it’s 70% done already πŸ™‚

Introducing CocosNewsCenter — A news center for cocos2d lover

I’m a big fan of the great cocos2d family, I have played with lots of branches such as -iphone, -x, -html5 and the earlier version -python, -javascript and I am curious about all the new stuffs happen in cocos2d community:

A heated discussion from the forum today ?
An instructive new tutorial on a blog today ?
A time-saving code snippet someone shared today ?
A full-featured game went opensource on github today ?

So, I love to search these stuffs on the Internet and it always bring me joy when I spot something interesting.

But, the cocos2d family is growing in an astonished pace and it just cost me way too much time to do the search job everyday.

Fortunately I happen to learned cocos2d-tml5 recently and I also know some basics of python so I think it will be a good challenge to create a web application to solve the problem — and here comes the CocosNewsCenter.

COCOS2d-X by Example Beginner’s Guide

A nice guide book for cocos2d-x developer from Roger Engelbert !!!

You can learn all the things that you need to develop your own game with the most famous nowadays from this book ~

If you are a cocos2d-iphone developer and want to learn something about the cocos2d-x then this book is perfect to you since it compares the concept in cocos2d-x with cocos2d-iphone so that you can learn the new things faster.

The book not only includes lots of games with different types but also introduces how to develop a game for android with eclipse ~

If you feel interested in this book you can check it here:
Check on packtpub…

CCCalendar-HTML5 version

I was looking for a nice and simple calendar solution in cocos2d-html5 for my recent project ~ I tried to use some jquery calendar plugin — they are beautiful and well-implemented but the one thing that I don’t like is that you can not play it in a cocos2d-way. So I decided to make a calendar in a cocos2d-way and here it is.

A trip from cocos2d-iphone to cocos2d-html5

With the help of the 3-day-break during Tomb-sweeping Day I finally finished this trip and reached the destination.

Frankly speaking I was only planning to write a short post about this trip at the beginning but when I get started I found there are way too much that I want to write down the I planned.

Then I happened to come across a wonderful tutorial from Ray wenderlich introducing how to create a book usign iBooks author and asked myself — why not? — and then this book was here πŸ™‚

Something about porting a game from cocos2d-iphone(ios-objc) to cocos2d-html5(web-javascript) for a newbie. Part.0

It’s not a tutorial ~

I nearly completed porting one of my old ios game (about 1 year ago) to the web using cocos2d-html5(80%).

Some words about this game — It’s a simple board(card) game which use the PaiGow (Chinese tranditional card).

CCLabelTableEditor for cocos2d

After failed searching for a proper table control in cocos2d I decide to create one myself – and then here’s the “CCLabelTable”.

I also made a CCLabelTableEditor to make it easier to create beautiful tables and then reuse it in other projects πŸ™‚

YouTube Preview Image

Another great cocos2d book – “Creating Games with cocos2d for iPhone 2”

Thanks to Paul Nygard for sending me a copy of this wonderful book and I must say I really had a great time reading this book and learnt a lot from it.

This book covers every aspect that one should know to create a ios game and it is targeted on cocos2d 2.0 version.

If you are a newbie just about to start to make game on ios device and have decided cocos2d engine is your choice then you can learn all the basic concepts in cocos2d such as CCLayer, CCScene, CCSprite etc.

If you have already been quite familiar with all “CC” stuff in cocos2d but is wondering how to put all the stuffs to make a “real game” then you can follow the flow of each chapter which will guide you through the way and show you how to make a “real game” step by step.

If you have already released one or two simple cocos2d game yourself and is looking for something more complex, something different (like different game types) then you can also learn a lot from the variety game covered in this book and some advanced skills such as Box2d, GameCenter MultiPlayer, the use of CCRenderTexture, enemy AI etc.

If you are already a veteran in the field of coco2d and have released lots of games with different types ~ well ~ I think you still had better give this book a try ~ remember ? “Stay hungry, stay foolish” πŸ™‚

The game demo included in the books are all well-chosen – a variety of game types – gradually increasing difficulty – all the demo binds to certain concepts in cocos2d. If you can read this book from top to bottom as well as the code attached to the book I think another cocos2d expert will soon be born πŸ™‚

The last but not the least, if you feel interested in this book you can check it here:
Check on packtpub…

Thanks to Paul Nygard again for bringing us such a great book πŸ™‚

If you feel all the stuffs in this site helped you a lot and you can get a game I made πŸ™‚