About Me

Welcome to SuperSuRaccoon’s World!


First I wanna thank everyone for being here 🙂

About this world:

No matter if you are a player or a software developer (like me) or just a stranger passing by, I am sure you could find someting valuable for you in this world.

This world contains all the imformation of the games that I made or is planning to make and also the knowledge that I leant from doing all this developing stuff.

About me:

I am just an ordinary software developer who likes to write stuff maybe just out of amusement but feel really contented doing so, and who also likes to play game very much (mainly portable game: such as GBA, NDS, PSP games…) and focus on the simplicity of fun that the game broght rather than the picture quality of the game.

I also like music (backstreet boy, west life…) and sports (basketball, PingPang ball…).

My mother tongue is actually chinese but I’ll try my best to write posts here in both English and Japanese (where now my target market is) without asking a interpreter to do so since I always think it is important to communicate with each other directly, making them feel at ease, I guess that’s a reason why I tried to learn foreign languages quite hard.

Last but Not the least:

I hope you’ll like this world as a player or a developer or someone who shares the similar interests, thanks for being here again.


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  2. Thank you so much for your source code :))
    now i try to create vertical scroll but i cannot do it well

    Please help me step by step for create it or example code.
    am new in cocos2d.

    Sory about my poor english, i’m Thai :))