Cocos2d-Html5 — Skill Level Up Guidance

This article is all about my learning experience of cocos2d-html5 ~

I started to learn and use cocos2d-html5 from about 6 month ago — though I only do it in my spare time ~

To be frank I have been keeping an eye on this branch of cocos2d since the very early stage because that learning browser client side technology such as html, css and js has been a dream of mine since college ~ but have’t  found a good entrance (thus got stuck with C++ and MFC for my college time)


CocosCLILayer-HTML5 On Github

A inner command line layer for coocs2d project.


[シェーア] SpiderMonkey Cocos2dx Demo


. cocos2d-x プロジェクトでSpiderMonkeyとJSBindingよりJSスクリプトとインタラクティブする方法
. c++/JS間関数コール方法
. c++/JS間データ送信/受信する方法
. カステム関数の使い方
. delegateの使い方


[Keynote] cocos2d-html5 + JS Binding

このkeynoteは今週末cocoachina集会(上海)のスピーチで使ったものでした 〜 一部のデモ来週中ここにアップする予定です。Download

で、今日はこの一週間あたりcocos2d JS Binding勉強したもの纏めってきました。あとはibook authorより手軽なガイドを作成したいと思います 〜 実はもう70パーセントくらいかんせいしていた。



クッキングは楽しい ^_^ 今まで作った料理の一部を記録しておこう〜
いつかコーダをやめてクックになるかもしれないな〜 ( ̄︶ ̄)↗

日本出張の日々 …


CocosNewsCenter To-Do List

. client – browser support – to test && fix
. client – persona auto-login problem – to fix
. client – XMLHttpRequest asynchronous mode – coding, test
. client – finish up account info scene – design, coding, test
. client – subscription scene – design, coding, test
. client – about scene design – design, coding, test
. client – info scene re-design – design, coding, test
. server – email subscription feature – design, coding, test
. server – cron – coding, test
. app – social news – open for test
. app – project news – open for test
. app – video news – open for test
. app – job news – open for test
. app – world news – open for test
. app – news subscription – open for test

CocosNewsCenterを紹介 — cocos2dファンのニュースセンター

僕はcocos2dの大ファンで、cocos2d於けるあらゆるのブランチーを使ったことがあります、例えば -iphone, -x, -html5 もっと前の -python, -javascript も、だからcocos2d界のいろんなニュースに興味を持っている:





COCOS2d-X by Example Beginner’s Guide

A nice guide book for cocos2d-x developer from Roger Engelbert !!!

You can learn all the things that you need to develop your own game with the most famous nowadays from this book ~

If you are a cocos2d-iphone developer and want to learn something about the cocos2d-x then this book is perfect to you since it compares the concept in cocos2d-x with cocos2d-iphone so that you can learn the new things faster.

The book not only includes lots of games with different types but also introduces how to develop a game for android with eclipse ~

If you feel interested in this book you can check it here:
Check on packtpub…

CCCalendar-HTML5 バージョン