cocos2d develop Recommended Blog List (Keep Updating)

It is always crucial to write some demo code. read and learn from some nice tutorials for the ios – cocos2d starters. So I spent some time to sort out a list containing a lot of nice blogs that you can learn something out of. Some of the blogs you might be quite familiar with while some you might not but I guarantee that there’re one or two nice articles that you won’t wanna miss. (The blogs listed in no particular order)

No.Blog LinkLanguageBrief Introduction
Featured Stuffs
1Ray Wenderlich | Tutorials for iOSenBest place to learn ios develop and acquire latest develop news, lots of detailed tutorials for the cocos2d starters.1.How To Integrate Cocos2D and UIKit
2.How To Implement A* Pathfinding with Cocos2D
3.How To Create a HUD Layer with Cocos2D
2SuperSuRaccoon's Worlden, zh, jaSimple demo, know-how and tutorials for cocos2d starters. (The site your visiting right now :) )1.A simple guide to cocos2d-extension
2.How to port a simple project to win32,iPhone and Android
3.cocos2d-x IDE installation and setup under mac os
3Learn & Master Cocos2D Game DevelopmentenHome of the Learn iPhone and iPad Cocos2D Game Development Book by Steffen Itterheim1.How to Download Modified Files from a Web Server
2.Fast Pixel-Perfect Collision Detection for Cocos2D
3.How to use CCRenderTexture for Motion Blur
4XPerienced BlogeniPhone development from .NET developer perspective1.cocos2d meets MVC – wrap up
2.cocos2d meets MVC – Implementing simple board game
5Tony Ngo | A blog on software developmentenA blog on software development1.CCMenu Grid Layout
2.Scrolling CCNode in Cocos2d
3.Twitter Integration Tutorial
6UchidacoongaenSome nice tutorials on cocos2d&&Box2d1.Box2d Collision Filtering Demystified
2.Simple Platformer Using Cocos2d and Box2d with Collision Detection
3.Side Scrolling the Background in Box2D and Cocos2D
7ios Developer Tips BlogeniOS Developer Tips, Tricks and Tutorials.(Lots of ios open source project introduction)1.Xcode 4 : Debug Breakpoints, Conditions and Actions
2.iOS Open Source : Custom Progress Indicator
8Tutorials & Blogs on cocos2denA personal blog with a few cocos2d stuffs 1.Creating Your First Cocos2D Game
9Application for mobile devicesenSome nice cocos2d demos and open source project1.Multiline CCLabel & CCLabelBMFont
2.Cocos2d Bezier Animation Helper
10Under the BridgeenSome nice cocos2d learning resource summary :)1.cocos2d AI: Troll Boss
2.cocos2d Collection
3.cocos2d A-Go-Go
11MobileOrchardenios news&&tutorials&&resources1.Video Tutorial : Creating iPhone App Design Templates
2.Updated Cocos2d With iPad Support
12Boris cosic's Ramblinsencocos2d + lua tutorials1.iPhone - Cocos2D + Lua
13Dave NewmanenAnother site with some cocos2d + lua tutorials1.Write your cocos2d game in Lua!
2.From LUA to JSON
14iPhone Development Tutorial&&TipseniPhone, iOS, iPad SDK Development Tutorial and Programming Tips1.Open Source iOS Game List – Source Code To Games In The App Store
2.Example Source Code: Frogger Recreated With Cocos2D, Sparrow, Starling And LibGDX
15GRZ Mobile - BlogeniPhone Applications from GRZ Software LLC1.Remote Debugging for Lua on the iPhone
2.Integrating Lua into an iPhone App
16PocketWorxenTechnologies related to mobile communications with an emphasis on iPhone/iPod Touch applications using the Cocos2D-iPhone framework.1.AdMob and Cocos2D-iPhone
2.Looping Menu Effect in Cocos2D
3.OpenFeint and Cocos2D-iPhone
17PaulsonApps Development BlogenCreating Iphone Game with Cocos2d1.Tutorial – Implement OpenFeint into Cocos2d Game
2.Parallax Backgrounds & Enemies (Cocos2d Game)
18iDevBlogADayeniOS indie developers writing every day about their stuff.1.Cocos2D/Box2D Endless Platformer
2.Using Cocos2D in a UIKit project
19jpsarda's longer tweetsenSome nice cocos2d open source project can be found in this blog1.New Cocos2d-iPhone extensions, a progress bar, and a hole
2.Scale9Grid for Cocos2D
20PlaysnackenSome nice tutorials on cocos2d1.Cocos2d tutorial: Creating a reusable pause layer
2.Adding a night effect to your game in Cocos2d
21abitofcodeenSome nice tutorials and open source project on cocos2d1.We’ve open sourced the Sketchshare colour picker
2.Simple interactive depth of field effect
22gameit.roenLots of cocos2d-x tutorials some of them are the cocos2d-x version of Ray's cocos2d tutorials1.Creating an iPhone and Android Cocos2D-x hybrid project
2.How To Create A Breakout Game with Box2D and Cocos2D-x
23LABjaA personal blog with a few cocos2d stuffs 1.cocos2dでTemplate Methodパターンで拡張して使う簡単ボタンクラスCCSpriteBtnクラスを作りました。
2.FacebookのOAuth認証のライブラリ「Facebook Connect」をcocos2dで使用する方法(サンプル付き)
24Zero4Racer PRO Developer's BlogjaA personal blog with a few cocos2d stuffs 1.サクッと Cocos2D ゲームを作ろう!(1)SpriteHelperでのテクスチャー処理
2.Cocos2d ユーザの面倒だったところに手が届く、Kobold2d の親切設計
3.cocos2d と AdMob 連携のサンプル作りました
25shukujitsuの開発ブログjaA personal blog with a few cocos2d stuffs 1.cocos2d for iPhone系の話題いろいろ
26リンゴにかじられたブログjaA personal blog with a few cocos2d stuffs 1.cocos2dのEAGLViewを透明化して、背景をカメラにする方法
27間違いだらけの iPhone 開発備忘録jaA personal blog with a few cocos2d stuffs 1.iTunesなどのリンク(URL)を開く。ついでにcocos2dでのやり方。
28Yokemuraの開発ブログjaIntroduction to cocos2d and some nice tutorials1.Cocos2d解説(6) テクスチャアトラス作成ツールとの連携
2.Cocos2d解説(3) アクション
29BOREAL-KISS.NETen, jaTechnical topics about Cocoa and Cocoa touch.1.Minimal Template updated for iOS 5 with storyboards
30ios | albatrus.comenA personal blog with a few cocos2d stuffs 1.Cocos2d Tiledを使ってみる
2.cocos2d チュートリアル [メニュ][スライダー][SimpleAudioEngine][シーンの移動]
31子龙山人zhCocos2d tutorials from ray's articles in Chinese version1.iOS 5中的UIKit粒子系统教程(泰然翻译组出品)
32李华明HimizhA lot of cocos2d-x cool tutorials for the starters1.详解iOS应用程序内使用IAP/StoreKit
33ganbarugamesenA personal blog with a few cocos2d stuffs 1.cocos2d + Game Center Achievements
2.cocos2d Game Tutorial – Multitouch Asteroids
34Britney's programming guideenA personal blog with a few cocos2d stuffs 1.RPG Battle with Cocos2d
2.Saving with Cocos2d
3.Making it rain in Cocos2d
35CrocodellaenA personal blog with a few cocos2d tutorials and open source project1.Resizable decorated box using cocos2d
2.Positional audio with cocos2d and CocosDenshion
3.Leveraging cocos2d actions for cutscenes
36Bob Ueland's cocos2d TutorialsenLots of cocos2d video tutorials for the starters1.Advanced collision detection
2.The accelerometer
3.Sneaky Joystick
37Tim RoadleyenSome nice cocos2d+box2d tutorials can be found here1.Box2D Driven Cocos2D Animation
2.GameKit Networked Box2D Physics
38iuridiumenSome nice learning resource on cocos2d1.List of Open Source Cocos2d Projects, Extensions and Code Snippets
2.Top 10 People To Follow On Twitter If You Are Interested in Cocos2d
3.How to animate spots on Tilemap
39ios Tips&&Tricksenios developing related news and resource1.Wrapping Box2D Debug into a Cocos2D Layer
2.How to Integrate AdWhirl into a Cocos2D Game
3.Custom Dialog Boxes Using Cocos2d on iPhone
40Indie Developers BlogenA personal blog with some nice cocos2d tutorials1.Goo Through Blind animations with CCRenderTexture
2.Ensuring Dealloc in Cocos2d
3.TileMaps and Retina Support
41init 6enA personal blog with some tutorials on cocos2d+Box2d1.Cocos2D/Box2D – Detecting top collisions
2.Cocos2D/Box2D Collision Filtering
3.ParticleDesigner Cocos2D
42xionchannel@softwarejaA personal blog with some nice tutorials on cocos2d 1.cocos2dキャラクタークラス設計の考察
43Seasons.NETjaProvably most famous japanese cocos2d developer's blog with nice tutorials and news1.CCSendMessagesでもっと簡潔に直感的なコードを書こう
44Go MonkeyItalianA personal blog with cocos2d tutorials and news in italian1.Cocos2D: Passiamo dal giorno alla notte
2.Cocos2D: come posizionare gli elementi sullo schermo
45aethornenA blog && forum regarding cocos2d && ios developing and some great articles regarding opengl es1.Cocos2d-x bug: losing context of callback function
2.Zwoptex plist description
46cocoabrainenA blog && forum regarding cocos2d && ios developing1.Loupe with cocos2D and openGL
2.Zwoptex plist description
47hobbyistcoderenA blog && forum regarding cocos2d && ios developing1.Homing missiles using PID Controller for Cosmosis
2.Twitter integration with iOS 6, weak linking and device checking
48tillawyenA blog && forum regarding cocos2d(-x) && ios developing1.cocos2d-x 2 cocosbuilder 2.1
2.Clickable UIScrollView / Detect Single Tap
3.cocos2d-x CCNode/CCSprite detect touch
49onemoresoftwareblogenA blog && forum regarding cocos2d && ios developing1.Cocos2d-x experiences
2.Glow effect using cocos2d-x
50gmtdevenA blog && forum regarding cocos2d && ios developing1.Calling Game Center from Cocos2D-X V2
2.Calling iOS / Obj-C from Cocos2D-X and more…
51kitchencompanyjaA new blog on ios develop including cocos2d and more is keep coming1.cocos2dのアインストール方法そしてStable version(安定版)のインストール
2.今現在唯一coco2dの最新verの解説書 久保島祐磨さんの「coco2dで作るiPhoneゲーム」を買ってみた

If you also know some other nice blogs on ios – cocos2d develop and would like to share with the others, please leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list 🙂

If you feel all the stuffs in this site helped you a lot and you can get a game I made 🙂