CCLabelTableEditor for cocos2d

After failed searching for a proper table control in cocos2d I decide to create one myself – and then here’s the “CCLabelTable”.

I also made a CCLabelTableEditor to make it easier to create beautiful tables and then reuse it in other projects πŸ™‚

YouTube Preview Image
Main Features:
1. The table area part uses paging instead of scrollview
2. Each components of the table can be customized (title, header header cell, row, footer, grid…)
3. Built-in gestures
4. You can export the table to a file and then use it in other projects
5. All the components support using texture
6. Variety of properties for each component

What’s in CCLabeLTable:
– CCLabelTable + CCLabelTableMacro
– Component
– CCTableTitle
– CCTableHeader
– CCHeaderCell
– CCTableArea
– CCTableRow
– CCRowCell
– CCTableFooter
– CCTableGrid
– CCTableElement
– CCTableElementCenter
– skin + config
– CCTitleSkin
– CCHeaderSkin
– CCHeaderCellSkin
– CCTableAreaSkin
– CCRowSkin
– CCRowEvenSkin
– CCFooterSkin
– CCGridSkin
– CCElementSkin
– CCSkinCenter

What’s (else) in CCLabeLTableEditor
– ColorPicker
– CCSlidingMenuLayer (origin)
– CCGeometrySprite (origin)
– NIDropDown (little modification)
– YIPopupTextView (little modification)
– UIAlertView-Blocks
– CCMenu+Items (origin)
– CCNode+AnchorLayout
– CCNode+SFGestureRecognizers (little modification)
– NSString+FontSize (origin)

Property Support:
– elementWidth
– elementHeight
– elementColor
– elementOpacity
– elementColorSelected
– elementOpacitySelected
– elementTexture
– textureOpacity
– elementTextureSelected
– textureOpacitySelected
– fontName
– fontSize
– fontColor
– frameColor
– frameWidth
– frameOpacity

Gesture support:
– Swipe Left (one finger) – Next Page
– Swipe Right (one finger) – Pre Page
– Swipe Left (two finger) – Last Page
– Swipe Right (two finger) – First Page
– Swipe Up (on a row) – Insert row before selected row
– Swipe Down (on a row) – Insert row after selected row
– Single Tap (on a row) – Select (highlight) a row
– Double Tap (on a row) – Delete selected row
– Long Press (on title) – Edit title content
– Long Press (on a header cell) – Edit header cell content
– Pan (on header cell) – Adjust column width

Due to the amount of properties for each component and other features and the lack of time (I made this in my spare time) some features are still in a “to be done” state and of course there’re some bugs for the project…

I’ve uploaded it to the Github, check it if you’re interested:
Source On Github…

If you feel all the stuffs in this site helped you a lot and you can get a game I made πŸ™‚