Introducing CocosNewsCenter — A news center for cocos2d lover

I’m a big fan of the great cocos2d family, I have played with lots of branches such as -iphone, -x, -html5 and the earlier version -python, -javascript and I am curious about all the new stuffs happen in cocos2d community:

A heated discussion from the forum today ?
An instructive new tutorial on a blog today ?
A time-saving code snippet someone shared today ?
A full-featured game went opensource on github today ?

So, I love to search these stuffs on the Internet and it always bring me joy when I spot something interesting.

But, the cocos2d family is growing in an astonished pace and it just cost me way too much time to do the search job everyday.

Fortunately I happen to learned cocos2d-tml5 recently and I also know some basics of python so I think it will be a good challenge to create a web application to solve the problem — and here comes the CocosNewsCenter.

About The Goal:
The goal of CocosNewsCenter is straightforward — spent less time to get more information on cocos2d family.
CocosNewsCenter will grab all kinds of news related to cocos2d from the world everyday.
Notice that ONLY the stuffs related to cocos2d will be listed here since I want to limit the news amount everyday — the amount of ios news everyday is way too much for a simple app like this — and after all it’s a web app for cocos2d family news.
BTW. You’ll only see a summary of news (title) here so it won’t decrease the traffic of the news source sites.

About The Structure:
If you might be interested this app is made of cocos2d-html5(javascript) as client and as server side along with a bunch of service + APIs. And the server side is hosted on Sina App Engine + Heroku.
You might ask why cocos2d-html5, well one is like I said that I am a big fan of the cocos2d family and two is that I want to try to make a non-game app with the cocos2d-html5(while learning) as a challeage.

About the News:
At the very beginning I was only planning on grab all the posts from the forums and artilces from some blogs
everyday but the new ideas keeps coming to me and I am currently working on the following 8 categories:
. Forum News (post)
– cocos2d forum
– cocos2dx forum
– cocoachina forum
– more to come…

. Blog News (Article, Tutorial)
– cocoadevcentral
– cocoachina
– cocos2d
– applausible
– andyque
– himi
– bobueland
– jpsarda
– supersuraccoon
– albatrus
– maniacdev
– alexcurylo
– idevblogaday
– iphonedevelopertips
– zero4racer
– RayWenderlich
– learn-cocos2d
– syuhari
– iTyran
– more to come…

. QA News (Question)
– stackoverflow
– gamedev
– more to come…

. Social News (Tweet, Message)
– Twitter
– Facebook
– more to come…

. Project News (Source code)
– Github
– more to come…

. Video News (Video)
– Youtube
– more to come…

. Job News (Job info)
– cocos2d forum
– cocos2dx forum
– cocoachina forum
– more to come…

. World News (Everything else)
– Google
– more to come…

I think these categories almost cover most part of the cocos2d news but I’ll still add new categories if necessary πŸ™‚

Something to notice:
To be frank most work lands on the server side and I am really lack of experience to get it done in a decent way though I made it this far. But I love learning and challenges πŸ™‚
1. The server might crush now and then for all kinds of strange reasons πŸ™
2. The news filter will need time to improve
3. Now there are EIGHT kinds of news are on schedule and will be opened to one by one
4. The email subscription feature will come later since I need time to figure it out
5. Browser issues
6. XMLHttpRequest asynchronous problem (now it’s non-asynchronous)
7. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx πŸ™

But, the point is that I’m confidence that I can solve all the problems && bugs along the way so I think that’s no big deal πŸ™‚

Something you can help:
1. Give me advice on the client-side — anything would be fine
2. Give me advice on the server-side — anything would be fine
3. Suggest some new categories that might fit in this app
4. Suggest some new forums, sites, blogs etc. that have active cocos2d news from time to time
5. Tell your fiends who love cocos2d about this web app

Well, enough said, below is the link to CocosNewsCenter have fun πŸ™‚

Oh, some tips:
1. Try refresh the page if the app freezes
2. Try another browser it the app won’t load
3. Try change the “Page Scale Settings” to get a better “look” of the app (the canvas is 1280 * 768 as default)
4. Loading for the first time might be slow
5. Be patient and tolerant πŸ™‚