Cocos2dHtml5Dev — A cocos2d-html5(2.x) plugin for SublimeText

I happened to tried the QuickXDev — a powerful quick-cocos2d-x develop plugin for sublime text recently and it is really an awesome solution for quick && light && free cocos2d-x lua game develop solution.

But being a cocos2d-html5 user it’s a pity that there is no such cool plugins for js solution.

So I took some time read the sublimne text plugin api document and the QuickXDev source and tried to make something similar for cocos2d-html5.

And here is where I got so far:

. Create Project

. New JS file from template
– CCScene
– CCLayer
– CCScene + CCLayer
– ??????

. Run project in browser

. Update Resources List

. Code auto completion
– class name ==> cc.Sprite, cc.Node, cc.Action
– class function ==> cc.Sprite.create, cc.DelayTime.create
– instance function ==> setPosition, setOpacity
– constant ==> cc.WHITE, cc.PI

. Create deploy folder
– create ant folder for packing project
– create jsc for compiling js to jsc

. Code Snippets (In progress)

. Run ant command

. Run jsc compile command

. Go to definition

The plugin is not finished yet but you can see the main features in the gifs above.