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Cocos2d-JS jsdoc


Write well formatted comment && Generate a pretty online document for cocos2d-js game project.

Related Skills

  • javascript
  • node.js
  • python
  • html
  • css

jsdoc && cocos2d-js Comment Specification


Running && Logging Cocos2d-JS Game on Android Emulator


Compiler && Install && Run && Debug Logging cocos2d-js game on Android Emulator without using any heavy IDE such as Eclipse Android Studio and simplify && minimize the installation requirements && process.


  • cocos2d-js v3.10
  • Mac OS X
  • android-ndk-r9d
  • Android 4.4.2 (API 19)


Cocos Protocol Buffer Memo

This is not a tutorial but a learning memo on using Protobuf v2.5.0 in Cocos2d-JS v3.10.

Main Content

Demo (cpp/java/python/js)

  • Create Instance
  • Serialize to String
  • Serialize to File
  • Parse from String
  • Parse from File
  • Dump GameInfo Instance
  • Relection Dump Message
  • Relection Generate Message
  • Load Proto
  • Encode / Decode / js
  • Excel .xls to ProtoBuf .bin / Python


Generated libs


Using Protobuf with Cocos2d-JS in JSBinding
– Send Data from C++
– Receive Data from C++
– Send Data from javascript
– Receive Data from javascript

A complete project can be found here on GitHub.


Work Collection

Updated 2016.04

I happened to have a lot of spare time recently so I updated my resume and made a complete yet detailed summary of all the projects I have done in my career life up till now and most of them are open-sourced.

A GitBook version is here

5 Mins Mystery (v2.0) released !!!

It has been over one year since the last update so this time it is a BIG BIG update:


Cocos2dHtml5Dev — A cocos2d-html5(2.x) plugin for SublimeText

I happened to tried the QuickXDev — a powerful quick-cocos2d-x develop plugin for sublime text recently and it is really an awesome solution for quick && light && free cocos2d-x lua game develop solution.

But being a cocos2d-html5 user it’s a pity that there is no such cool plugins for js solution.

So I took some time read the sublimne text plugin api document and the QuickXDev source and tried to make something similar for cocos2d-html5.

A simple solution on implementing bluetooth multiplayer with cocos2d-html5 + JSBinding + cocos2d-x + GameKit

Why do this:
I’m trying to add bluetooth multiplayer features to my recent released game which uses cocos2d-html5 + JSBinding + cocos2d-x and could not find articles about this on the Internet so I decided to find a way out myself.
If you are looking for something similar to this I hope you can get inspired by this demo 🙂



5 Mins Mystery (v1.0) released !!!

It has been about 3 years since my last game released on AppStore …

It has been too long …

And I think this is my last game as a indie game developer …

The game is made with cocos2d-html5 + JSBinding + cocos2d-x + Parse …

cocos2d-html5 + node webkit

A little bit experiment (using node webkit):

. tests
.. macos 10.8.5


Cocos2d-Html5 — Skill Level Up Guidance

This article is all about my learning experience of cocos2d-html5 ~

I started to learn and use cocos2d-html5 from about 6 month ago — though I only do it in my spare time ~

To be frank I have been keeping an eye on this branch of cocos2d since the very early stage because that learning browser client side technology such as html, css and js has been a dream of mine since college ~ but have’t  found a good entrance (thus got stuck with C++ and MFC for my college time)

And cocos2d-html5 light up my hope again 🙂