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5 Mins Mystery (v2.0) released !!!

It has been over one year since the last update so this time it is a BIG BIG update:


Cocos2dHtml5Dev — A cocos2d-html5(2.x) plugin for SublimeText

I happened to tried the QuickXDev — a powerful quick-cocos2d-x develop plugin for sublime text recently and it is really an awesome solution for quick && light && free cocos2d-x lua game develop solution.

But being a cocos2d-html5 user it’s a pity that there is no such cool plugins for js solution.

So I took some time read the sublimne text plugin api document and the QuickXDev source and tried to make something similar for cocos2d-html5.

A simple solution on implementing bluetooth multiplayer with cocos2d-html5 + JSBinding + cocos2d-x + GameKit

Why do this:
I’m trying to add bluetooth multiplayer features to my recent released game which uses cocos2d-html5 + JSBinding + cocos2d-x and could not find articles about this on the Internet so I decided to find a way out myself.
If you are looking for something similar to this I hope you can get inspired by this demo 🙂



5 Mins Mystery (v1.0) released !!!

It has been about 3 years since my last game released on AppStore …

It has been too long …

And I think this is my last game as a indie game developer …

The game is made with cocos2d-html5 + JSBinding + cocos2d-x + Parse …

cocos2d-html5 + node webkit

A little bit experiment (using node webkit):

. tests
.. macos 10.8.5


Cocos2d-Html5 — Skill Level Up Guidance

This article is all about my learning experience of cocos2d-html5 ~

I started to learn and use cocos2d-html5 from about 6 month ago — though I only do it in my spare time ~

To be frank I have been keeping an eye on this branch of cocos2d since the very early stage because that learning browser client side technology such as html, css and js has been a dream of mine since college ~ but have’t  found a good entrance (thus got stuck with C++ and MFC for my college time)

And cocos2d-html5 light up my hope again 🙂


CocosCLILayer-HTML5 On Github

A inner command line layer for coocs2d project.


[Share] SpiderMonkey Cocos2dx Demo

I’ve been playing with SpiderMonkey and JSBinding recently and here is a project containing what I’ve learned:

. How to use SpiderMonkey and JSBinding to mix cocos2d-x with JS scripts
. How to call functions between c++/JS
. How to pass args / receive args
. How to use custom functions
. How to play with delegate


[Keynote] cocos2d-html5 + JS Binding

The keynote is speech I gave at cocoachina gathering in Shanghai this weekend. The sample codes will be updated in this post later. Download

The content is all about what I’ve leant in the past week on cocos2d JS Binding.

I’ve been summarizing all the content and trying to write a simple guide using iBookAuthor — it’s 70% done already 🙂

Introducing CocosNewsCenter — A news center for cocos2d lover

I’m a big fan of the great cocos2d family, I have played with lots of branches such as -iphone, -x, -html5 and the earlier version -python, -javascript and I am curious about all the new stuffs happen in cocos2d community:

A heated discussion from the forum today ?
An instructive new tutorial on a blog today ?
A time-saving code snippet someone shared today ?
A full-featured game went opensource on github today ?

So, I love to search these stuffs on the Internet and it always bring me joy when I spot something interesting.

But, the cocos2d family is growing in an astonished pace and it just cost me way too much time to do the search job everyday.

Fortunately I happen to learned cocos2d-tml5 recently and I also know some basics of python so I think it will be a good challenge to create a web application to solve the problem — and here comes the CocosNewsCenter.