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Back to my blog

Haven’t been writing new stuffs for a damn long time since I have been involved in a game project of our company for nearly two years.

But, the project was called off all of sudden at the end of last month just before being released to AppStore ……

I think the only thing might be good for me now is that I get to have sometime to rest and learn something new and start write some thing just like before.

Good luck the rest of the year, Hope So


My Restaurant

Cooking is FUN πŸ™‚ Here are my recipes (memo for future use) ~ What if I am not coder but cook πŸ˜›

The days in Japan …

I found some old pictures I took the last I went to Japan today while looking for data in my old computer ……

CocosNewsCenter To-Do List

. client – browser support – to test && fix
. client – persona auto-login problem – to fix
. client – XMLHttpRequest asynchronous mode – coding, test
. client – finish up account info scene – design, coding, test
. client – subscription scene – design, coding, test
. client – about scene design – design, coding, test
. client – info scene re-design – design, coding, test
. server – email subscription feature – design, coding, test
. server – cron – coding, test
. app – social news – open for test
. app – project news – open for test
. app – video news – open for test
. app – job news – open for test
. app – world news – open for test
. app – news subscription – open for test

The last job …

cocos2d-html5 (javascript) + (python) + SAE + HEROKU + API * N ……

Working on a label editor for cocos2d

Working on a editor for making label in cocos2d ~

– CCLabelTable

YouTube Preview Image

51CTO – IT BLOG Competition of 2012

I was introduced to this IT BLOG Competition by my friend recently.

And I realized that I’ve been running this blog for over one and a half year. There’re no high-tech dev stuffs here but simple problem-solutions and ready-to-use code snippet.
Some of them are original while some of them are from all around the world.

I hope hope more and more people can find this blog where they can find something helpful for them and agree with my effort, so I decided to take part in this competition.

If you love this blog and would like to support me, you can visit my “Competition Page” here:

and vote for me:

If you feel all the stuffs in this site helped you a lot and you can get a game I made πŸ™‚


A busy March…

An “idp-renew” mail remind me that my idp expiration is only 5 days away~ Then I loggin to my blog and found that I did not write anything the whole March(until this blog)~

This March has been extremely busy for me~ It’s the almost the “for loop” of “get-up ~ go-to-work ~ work-overtime ~ get-back ~ get-sleep”~

This weekend the whole went to tomb-sweeping so I finally got something to sufure on the Internet~ and I found that there’s a cocos2dx Devcon will be held in Beijing at the end of this month and was planning to attend the meeting until I found 31st won’t be free because holiday off duty shift~ what a pity πŸ™

And I also found that CocoaChina is holding a game special effect competition for celebrating their 4th anniversary so I downloaded the latest version and created a simple demo containing 3 effects which are all not 100% original created from scratch by me (some effects are the cocos2dx version made from the cocos2d version I posted before like spot light effect and black hole effect)

Screen shot:


YouTube Preview Image

cocos2dx 1st anniversary ~ cocoachina 4th anniversary and what’s more it is also the 1st anniversary for my own blog (what a coincidence)

I wish that the develop progress of cocos2d will be ever smoother and it will grow into a great game engine ever ~
I wish that cocoachina will be ever better and ever more popular ~
And last, I wish you will support me and this blog as you always did πŸ™‚

To Download Page…

Finally,a break……

So, the busy days finally comes to an end πŸ™‚ After taking the JLPT N1 test which
I had nearly no time to prepare for though this weekend, I’ll be able to have more
spare time and thus have more time to share more cool things with you guys πŸ™‚

Good luck for me…

Getting busy…

It gets really busy recently and the only thing I want to do after getting home is sleep.
So, there’s little time to write some new posts thought still got lots of cool stuffs here…

Anywways, the busy days won’t be long, keep it up πŸ™‚